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Old Sabretooth site and fanfic

Please delete this post if it is inappropriate to this community. I'm trying to find:

A) An old Sabretooth site archiving fanfiction and possibly other stuff. It may have had Sabretooth in the title, it may have had Victor Creed, it may not have had either. I cannot remember, but I don't think it had been updated for several years.

B) A multi-chapter story that at this old Sabretooth site, in which he escapes from the X-men (TIMELINE POSSIBILITY: this may have been following his near-murder of Psylocke.) However, he is almost immediately captured by a mutant who is somehow a clone of Beast (though I seem to remember his fur is a different color, possibly black). This guy has been creating various mutants through unsavory genetic engineering practices, all of whom are loyal to him, and what he wants is Sabretooth's DNA, or to perform some kind of testing on him at any rate. Sabretooth doesn't take kindly to this and makes numerous violent attempts to escape. Following one unsuccessful attempt the Beast-clone rapes him (plus I believe he declaws him several times: it's been a long time since I read this.) Then the Beast-clone captures the real McCoy. Hank and Sabretooth are able to escape when the rest of the X-men come to their rescue, Sabretooth wreaks a bloody vengeance on the fake-Beast but is promptly recaptured by the X-men. A lot of what follows is a developing understanding between Sabretooth and Hank, who comes to realize that for Sabretooth it doesn't matter who his captors are or how they treat him, a prison is a prison and it is intolerable.

It was a pretty decent story, as I recall, but try as I might I cannot find it or the site where it was hosted. Help?

EDIT: Thank you cablecountdown, who pointed me to the site, which is "Sabretooth Fan-Fiction" and is sadly defunct. But that gave me the story title and author: "Fundamental Beliefs" by SLWatson, available at
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