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Looking for a lost fic- Comicverse, up several years before the moviePlease delete this if this is n

Please delete this if this is not in the forum's spirit- I'm just hoping someone might be able to give me a lead on this.

This is a fic from a looong time ago- though it was multi-chapter, the later chapters disappeared long before the first. The author's nickname was something like "withheld" or "without". The first chapter of the fic was archive at the Wolverine and Jubilee Page's Sabretooth section, which has sadly been closed. I have no idea about the title of the fic at all.


Comicverse, falls sometime after Sabretooth tries to kill Psylocke. I read this years before the movie came out.

This is a really angsty unrequited love story. Sabretooth, after hanging around the X-Mansion waiting for a chance to hurt one of the X-men, finds that he can't stand to hurt Jubilee, or see her get hurt. There is at least one instance in which he tries to attack her, slashes her stomach, and then runs away when he freaks out about hurting her. Later, he sees the scars on her stomach and feels awful about it. (This sounds so incredibly out of character now, but I remember it being written well-enough to convince my teenage self. I kind of want to re-read and see if it works.)

There's an instance in the fic where Sabretooth, still skulking around the X-mansion, saves Jubilee from an assassin. This may or may not have been in the first chapter, but I am not sure.

The first chapter ends with Sabretooth thinking how much this situation screws up his life, and how he can't leave Jubilee because she might get hurt, but she hates him and always will. There's a line like "damn her. Damn me."

Further chapters of the fic lead to Sabretooth following Jubilee, Wolverine and Gambit as they attempt to flush Sabretooth out of his evil stalking ways. They capture him and put him in the holographic Danger Room, there are several weeks of angst and conversations with various characters, and eventually (in the epilogue), Jubilee confronts Sabretooth and demands that he control himself and be useful to here. Flashforward decades later, where an aged Jubilee is a general in some sort of war and Sabretooth is still protecting her.

A link would be great, but if someone could just confirm to my addled brain that this fic actually did exist, I would love that too.
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