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Fans of Mr. Creed

9/13/10 09:33 pm - kittycreed007

Ok so I know you guys are probably wondering if I fell off a mountain somewhere and died, just as an update I have updated Pryde and Prejudice!! Score! Anyway I will post a link as soon as I can thanks you guys!!

7/20/10 08:07 pm - emuexistance - awesome artwork

hi fang-dom!  check out victorxlogan  for great art and stories featuring the Sabes. (hope this is allowed)  thanks

6/8/10 08:06 pm - shoepuppet - Kitty Pryde x Victor Creed fan video

So I went and made a fan video for the infamous coupling!


Well their hardly infamous are they, really?
Need way more shippers!
Anyhow, enjoy, fellow few supporters!!!

5/11/10 01:26 pm - kittycreed007

All right so I posted a new chapter in Pryde and Prejudice, the link is here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5933184/3/Pryde_and_Prejudice_A_tale_of_two_cats Thanks you guys!!

5/8/10 07:35 pm - kittycreed007 - Hello fellow fans of Mr Creed!!

I go by the name AmeliaBaggins in www.fanfiction.net, but I like Kitty and Victor as a couple so here's a story I have posted on fanfiction, it's called Pryde and Prejudice: A tale of two cats and here's the link and summary

When Kitty goes to Logan's cabin in Canada for a vacation she doesn't expect to meet Victor Creed. This is nothing like the novel by Jane Austen so be warned!  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5933184/1/Pryde_and_Prejudice_A_tale_of_two_cats


5/2/10 11:45 am - shoepuppet - Radio--A Kitty/Victor fanfic

back again with pointless fluff =D

Riiighhhtttt heree -------->>> http://shoepuppet.livejournal.com/2967.html

Oh and because I'm such a pathetic nube, could someone tell me how to make a line of text the link?

4/21/10 07:25 pm - kitewithfish - Looking for a lost fic- Comicverse, up several years before the moviePlease delete this if this is n

Please delete this if this is not in the forum's spirit- I'm just hoping someone might be able to give me a lead on this.

This is a fic from a looong time ago- though it was multi-chapter, the later chapters disappeared long before the first. The author's nickname was something like "withheld" or "without". The first chapter of the fic was archive at the Wolverine and Jubilee Page's Sabretooth section, which has sadly been closed. I have no idea about the title of the fic at all.

Cut for length and fic spoilersCollapse )

A link would be great, but if someone could just confirm to my addled brain that this fic actually did exist, I would love that too.

3/11/10 07:42 pm - shoepuppet - The Sabertooth and the Kitten

Helllloo! I LOVE this community and I finnaly bothered to make a live journal and join =D
Haha so I'm quite obbsessed with Liev Schriebers shiveringly sexy Victor Creed, and love the pairing Kitty/Victor!
So I wrote a fanfic! GASP!
Yeah, its short, and fluffy.
I like that sort of thing! Haha.
I'd adore feedback...XD

3/3/10 05:30 am - potix


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

more here at my journal

12/29/09 08:00 pm - thelauderdale - Old Sabretooth site and fanfic

Please delete this post if it is inappropriate to this community. I'm trying to find:

A) An old Sabretooth site archiving fanfiction and possibly other stuff. It may have had Sabretooth in the title, it may have had Victor Creed, it may not have had either. I cannot remember, but I don't think it had been updated for several years.

B) A multi-chapter story that at this old Sabretooth site, in which he escapes from the X-men (TIMELINE POSSIBILITY: this may have been following his near-murder of Psylocke.) EDIT: Original description put behind a cut for spoilers.Collapse )

It was a pretty decent story, as I recall, but try as I might I cannot find it or the site where it was hosted. Help?

EDIT: Thank you cablecountdown, who pointed me to the site, which is "Sabretooth Fan-Fiction" and is sadly defunct. But that gave me the story title and author: "Fundamental Beliefs" by SLWatson, available at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/230866/1/Fundamental_Beliefs.
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