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Title- The Adventures of Victor and Indiana Creed
Author- Judasmalfoy
Summary- A short snippet into the life of Victor Creed and his daughter Indiana. More snippets to come.
Disclaimer- I own nothing except Indiana, you take her and Victor will kill you.
Warning- Mild language
Notes- Just a fun little idea I came up with a few weeks ago. Yes I did name his daughter after Indiana Jones, which should already tell you that she's gonna be awesome. Also am using Liev's Sabes.
Rated- PG-13


Victor growled in warning as he felt two tiny hands shake his arm lightly as he slept. "Wake up," a small voice said excitedly. He growled once more as he felt the little annoyance crawl onto his stomach and shift until it was sitting comfortably. The feral opened his eyes only to find himself nose to nose with a red headed 4 year old girl.

"What?" asked grouchily. The girl knew to never bother him while he was sleeping unless it was an emergency.

"I can't reach the cereal," she said as she sat back to stare down at him. Victor forced himself not to hurl the girl off of him. "So?" he asked.

The girl put her hands on her hips and huffed dramatically. "I'm hungry!" she explained. Feeling himself growing more and more frustrated he grabbed her up as gently as he could and sat her down on the bed next to him.

"It's 3 in the afternoon, I fed you an hour ago, you don't need any cereal," Victor said sternly.

"But I do!" she tried her best to argue.

"Indiana!" Victor snarled and the girl deflated when she heard him say her full name. The feral watched as Indiana slowly crawled off the bed and ran out of his room. Sighing Victor moved to lean back against the headboard. He was still trying to decide if having the child with him was such a good idea. He had found her when she was only a few months old, just a small little thing asleep in a basket on the outskirts of a forest. For reasons he still couldn't quite explain, he had scooped her up, saving her from the harsh wilderness and they'd been together ever since. Now he was stuck with her, Victor wasn't sure he could bring himself to abandon or kill her. Without him noticing she had wormed her way under his skin. The animal part of his nature had deemed Indiana his cub and it was his responsibility now to raise her as best he could.

Victor was brought back to the present when he heard a cabinet door slammng shut from their small kitchen.

"Dammit girl, what the hell are you up to now?" he grumbled as he got off the bed and went to investigate. His eyes widened as he rounded the corner to see Indy standing atop the kitchen counter reaching into the top cabinet to grab the cereal. As she grabbed the box, she took a step back to close the cabinet door. Instead of her foot hitting the top of the counter, she over stepped and her body fell back, threatening to crash to the floor.

Heart leaping into his throat, Victor found himself moving before he even thought to. He caught her with ease and she looked up at him with a mixture of shock, fear, and relief on her small face.

"Indy what the hell were you thinking?" he asked angrily. He watched as tears began to form in her bright green eyes "I'm sorry," she whimpered.

"You could have busted your damn head open, don't you ever do something stupid like that again, next time I won't catch you," Victor warned but he knew it was a lie. He wouldn't be able to stop himself from saving her when she needed him. The feral hated that the girl in his arms was making him soft, weak.

"I'm sorry daddy," she sniffled before wrapping her small arms around him as best she could. Victor frowned as he looked down at the girl in his arms. Indy hardly ever called him daddy. He had explained to her countless times that he wasn't her father but Victor knew she still looked at him as if he were. He was all she had in the world.

"Stop crying," he said before setting her down. The box of Lucky Charms that she had almost killed herself to get, lay on the floor, the top had popped open when it fell. A small amount of the sugary cereal had gotten free onto the worn floor. Victor grabbed up the box and shoved it into Indy's arms, she had almost died getting it he might as well let her have it. He quickly gathered up all the loose cereal and threw it away, behing him he could hear Indy digging around in the cereal.

"Stop digging, I told you, you can't have the toy until you eat everything," Victor said as he turned around to find her pouting, her big green eyes looking at him sadly. The feral resisted the urge to give into the girl's wants. "No," he said simply before grabbing her up and making his way back to his bedroom.

Gently, Victor tossed Indy onto the bed, she laughed as she bounced around. Turning on the TV, he changed the channel to Nickelodeon before crawling on to the bed next to her. "Now, you're gonna shut up and watch your cartoons while I sleep, understand."

Indy shoved a handful of cereal into her mouth before nodding enthusiastically. As he lay back down he was thankful that she seemed content to do as he said. It was hard sometimes to get her to listen without frightening her half to death and he couldn't just let her do as she willed. The girl got into everything and if a few minutes ago was anything to go by she was likely to get herself killed. 

Victor closed his eyes and began to drift off when he felt Indy shift next to him, moving closer to curl up against his side. "Night daddy," she whispered and if it weren't for his enhanced hearing he might not have heard it. Victor smiled inspite of himself 
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