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The Adventures of Victor and Indiana Creed: Snippet 2

Title- The Adventures of Victor and Indiana Creed: Snippet 2
Author- Judasmalfoy
Summary- A short snippet into the life of Victor Creed and his daughter Indiana. More snippets to come.
Disclaimer- I own nothing except Indiana, you take her and Victor will kill you.
Warning- Mild language
Notes- Just a fun little idea I came up with a few weeks ago. Yes I did name his daughter after Indiana Jones, which should already tell you that she's gonna be awesome.
Rated- PG-13

AN- my icon is what I imagine Indy looking like at like late teens-early 20s. BTW that's Scarlett Johanssen.

Victor looked over at his cub as she leaned over and fiddled with the truck's radio for the 3rd time in 2 minutes. He frowned before batting her hand away. "Leave it alone Indy."

She sighed as she fell back to lean against the passenger door. "I hate country music though, and that's all this damn state seems to play," she complained before picking at the small rip in the seat's upholstrey.

"Well we're in Texas, what the hell did you expect?" Victor asked in amusement.

"To have a stereotype proven wrong for once," Indy mumbled before staring out the window at the passing scenery.

The feral chuckled, his cub had certainly grown, she was fourteen years old and thought she knew everything about everything. It angered him sometimes when she acted as if he were stupid, but he remembered when he was her age and he had been so sure that every one older than him had shit for brains. Indy would grow out of it, Victor just hoped it would happen sooner rather than later.

"Dad, can we stop soon, we've been driving forever and my ass is completely numb."

Indy had started calling him dad full time when she had turned six and he wasn't able to stop her. Only when she was so angry she couldn't see straight would she call him Victor. Everytime she said his name in anger hurt more than any wound he had ever recieved in his 160 plus years on the face of the earth.

"Yea sure, if it'll get you to stop whining for 5 seconds," he grumbled.

She grinned in triumph before stretching as best she could in the small cab. "There's a storm coming," the teen noted happily. The sky was bright blue and there wasn't a cloud around for miles. Victor trusted her word though, Indy always knew when a thunderstorm was coming thanks to her mutation.

The feral pulled into a rest stop and parked before digging into his pocket and brought out a 5 dollar bill. "Get me a Mountain Dew, you come back with one of those stupid health drinks and I'm leaving you here," Victor threatened and she rolled her eyes before snatching the bill from his hand.

"You know, Mountain Dew reduces a guy's sperm count," she remarked smugly before opening the door and climbing out of the truck.

"Good, then I won't have to deal with another spoiled brat," Victor shot back and she stuck her tongue out at him before slamming the door. He watched her go from his behind the wheel. Sighing he got out of the truck, eager to get the feeling back into his lower half, sometimes he wondered if it would be more comfortable in the long run just riding a horse or walking on longer trips.

Victor sniffed the air; rubber, oil, hot asphalt, sweat, exhaust, and piss overwhelmed him. Faintly though, he could smell a storm front coming in. He couldn't help but chuckle softly as he leaned back against his truck and lit a cigarette, inhaling deeply. The feral didn't know why he even bothered to check and see if his cub was right.

Indy had been 12 years old when she had come into her powers. She had scared the shit out of him when it happened too. It had been storming all day but despite the weather his cub had been itching to go outside. He had refused, but his Indy was a sneaky girl and had snuck out of her bedroom window, out into the backyard. Victor had spotted her and was about to drag her kicking and screaming back into the small house when the sky lit up and a lighting bolt crashed down onto her.

She had fallen to the ground and the feral just stood frozen, he was sure that his cub had just been killed right in front of him. Then slowly, she got to her feet and small sparks of electricity jumped from the tips of her fingers.

"Spacin out old man?"

Victor looked over to see Indy holding out a bottle of Mountain Dew for him. He took the drink and took one final drag from his cigarette before flicking it away. "Lets go, I wanna make some more ground before the bottom falls out," he said and Indy smiled as she thought about the incoming storm.

"So where are we going anyway, you neglected to tell me when you told me to pack all my shit last night," Indy said as she tied her long red hair back into a pony tail.

"New Orleans," he replied simply and Indy lit up.

"Can you please take me shopping when we get there, they've got to have some really cool occult shops," Indy said excitedly and he rolled his eyes. "When the hell are you gonna out grow this stupid witch religion?" he asked annoyed.

She glared at him before punching him in the arm lightly "It's called Wicca and it isn't stupid," she said. "Besides I'd thought you'd be all for it Mr. At-One-With-Nature."

Victor growled before shaking his head, it wouldn't do any good to argue with the stubborn girl. "Fine, I'll take you shopping," he grumbled and she moved to hug his arm. "Thanks dad," she replied, her spirits lifted and he made a face of disgust at himself for giving into her so easily.

3 minutes later the sky began to darken and the first few drops of rain began to fall onto the truck. Lighting flashed in the distance and Victor scowled as the radio began to change stations without either of them touching the dial. Indy began to giggle as she finally found a station not playing country. Instead she had settled with one playing rap. 
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