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The Nature of Brotherhood-Part 2

Title: The Nature of Brotherhood Part 1 Part 3
Author: Me! Sofia
Rating: NC-17 kiddies!
Pairing and setting: Victor/Logan Origins movieverse the early years
Disclaimer: I do not own anything or anyone from the Marvel Universe or the X-Men movieverse. Incest, violence, sexual situations, and hormones lol
Summary: They made a pact to trust their natures and protect their brotherhood, and they'ved stood by each other since that first night. Shows how they survived and matured through the adversity of their early years on the run.
A/N: This is my first Victor/Logan fic. Thanks to those who encouraged me to write this and for all the great inspiration. and were key in my vision, so I hope they are for you guys too as you read.

They’d been moving southeast for the last week, only stopping to hunt, eat, and sleep. Avoiding the major routes had been necessary until they got over the state line, and now Victor and James trekked along the beaten highway on foot, their few provisions bundled and flung over their shoulders. As they approached a town, the foot traffic increased, and so did the looks they received. It was likely, since they weren’t locals and still looked young to be traveling by themselves, but then James noticed how a couple of girls coming in a wagon seemed to stare at them and giggle to each other. Glancing at Victor, James saw how his older brother pursed his lips at him and gave him a knowing look.

Blushing at the memory of Victor’s proposal, James stared straight ahead and ignored the young girls when their wagon passed them. The girls giggled louder when Victor flashed them a smile and a wink, leading them to be scolded by their mother who sat at the seat of the wagon with their father. James elbowed his brother in the side and blushed harder.

“Oh c’mon they’re virgins, Jimmy. One for you and one for me” he remarked to the unspoken whine James was directing at him with a glare. When Jimmy only pouted and glanced haughtily away, he added, “Unless you’d like me to get a working girl?”

“Shut up Victor!” he whirled and punched him in the arm. “Stop being such a jerk!”

“Wanting to take care of my brother’s needs makes me a jerk? Where’s your curiosity Jimmy?!” he snickered as he flung his arm around his brother’s shoulders and smirked. “I know you’re curious to find out more…to see a woman naked, feel her from the inside out and outside in” he gave him a Cheshire grin when James looked at him with a mortified look.

“What the hell would you know, Victor!? All you do is” he halted in order to lower his voice to a whisper, “jerk off like a fiend. You’re a virgin just like me so quit riding me!”

“Well difference is, I intend to rectify that matter once we get into town. We got enough money to share a room at the inn, so let’s say we find a little number for your big brother” he chuckled and shoved his hands in his pockets when James pushed him off of him.

“Why don’t we just lay low for once? I don’t want to get run out of this town too” he complained.

“We’re only staying the night. Might as well get some experience under my belt.”

They continued to bicker with each other as they entered the city proper, passing several shops, vendors, and a crowd of people that was rigging a banner over the city square. The town was celebrating some festival, and the boys slipped into the crowds with little problem as they explored the city together.

When Victor laughed at something Jimmy said, he glanced off towards a town bulletin post and froze. Stalking towards the post, he stood in front of a wanted poster. “Shit!”

“What is it Victor?” James ran up to his side and then saw the answer.

The poster wasn’t large enough to garner much attention among the other announcements cluttered onto the post, but it only proved how fast word could travel. Their likenesses were impeccable, and the reward of two thousand dollars was a sizeable bounty for their lives.

Looking in both directions before slashing the poster in one clean swoop, Victor grabbed Jimmy’s shirt sleeve and led him back into the crowds. “We need to keep moving” he told him in a hard tone. “Who the hell knows how many posters are up around these parts” he gritted and swore under his breath.

“Calm down, Victor. We’ll just cut through here and no one will even notice” James reasoned and fell into step with his brother.

“There’s a cemetery over there. We could go through there and hike out of the valley. We’ll have to stick to the trails for longer than I expected” Victor looked at Jimmy and tightened his jaw. “I don’t want you to hesitate if anything like before happens again, ok?”

“Yes” James spoke and followed Victor into the cemetery. The smell of stale earth and rotting flesh almost made him green. Victor’s nose crinkled, but otherwise he didn’t show much distaste.

Once they were further from the bustling crowds and festivities, they found a rusted out section of the cemetery’s fence and easily kicked it out before slipping through the gouge they made.

They hiked away from the town and up a few inclines before heading down into another valley. The terrain began to level out as the day wore on over their heads. Soon they found another trail and Victor sniffed the smell of fresh water nearby. As they neared a small lake, James stopped Victor and scented the air.

Turning to sniff for himself, Victor grabbed Jimmy and led him into a crouch before continuing towards some brush to take cover. The scent was still warm, mingled with the hint of pine and water from the lake. Giving Jimmy a silent command to follow him, they made their way down an outcropping of rocks and past some trees before they could see the gleaming water through the bushes and thick pines. Once they were as close as they could get without leaving the cover of the trees, they gazed out to see someone skinny dipping in the water close to the shore. Jimmy elbowed Victor and pointed to a pair of under garments and a woman’s dress that were lain out over the trunk of a fallen tree that was hanging over the lakeshore to the right.

Splashing caught their attention just as a young woman was emerging from the lake, her straw colored hair falling around her shoulders and hanging over her sandy breasts as she shuffled out of the water and towards her clothes. She was the first truly naked woman either of them had seen.

“We should go” James whispered to Victor, but Victor was fixated on the woman, ignoring the tugging on his arm and the imploring look in his brother’s eyes.

“I want to watch” Victor husked and shrugged Jimmy’s hands off his arm.

James fumbled and brushed a branch before he could stop himself. The tranquility was gone and the woman looked up, sensing she wasn’t alone. “Is someone there?” her voice was mature but soft with weary anxiety.

Glowering at Jimmy, Victor shoved him hard and sneered.

“I know you’re there. Just come out from where you are hiding” the woman ordered, her voice carrying over to them with firm expectation.

Staring at the woman and back at Jimmy, Victor suddenly took his bundle and tossed it down to Jimmy before he climbed over a log and headed towards the clearing by the water.

James called out his name between clenched teeth, his eyes wide and sweat breaking out on his temples. He could only helplessly watch as his brother made it out into the woman’s line of sight.

“Ma’am…” he heard him offer in a firm voice, his hands dug into his pocket to conceal his vicious nails.

The woman looked a bit surprised to see him, but she didn’t modestly go to cover her nudity nor start screaming at him like James thought she would.

“Such a young man peeping on a lady? Didn’t your mother teach you better?” she remarked in faux snippiness.

“My mother died before she could teach me anything” he heard Victor offer coolly as he walked further down to the shore. “I don’t make it a habit of peeping, unless the opportunity lands in my lap, ma’am.”

The woman balked at his audaciousness before concealing a smirk with the back of her hand. “So confident,” she offered as she looked him up and down with an appreciative hazel stare. “You must not be from around here. Hope you’re not some sort of bandit” she flirted back, as if she wasn’t totally exposed to his ravenous gaze.

Victor strolled closer, a smirk pulling at his boyish lips as he replied, “Not a bandit, per say…but I can play one if you’d like.”

James couldn’t believe how raunchy Victor was being, and how the woman seemed to like it. He covered his mouth so he wouldn’t laugh out loud at the utter silliness of it all, but was soon left watching as his brother closed in on the woman and saw him start touching her while she let him.

Suddenly, Victor grabbed her and carried her over to a soft spot of grass just behind the fallen trunk where her clothes were. James could make out his brother’s back as he went to work at partially undressing. He watched Victor pick the woman up so he could crush his mouth over hers in a hungry kiss. The rest was obscured from his view, and James was too nervous to move in for a closer look.

He could smell and hear them, especially how the woman cried out over and over against Victor’s grunts and groans before he roared in a hollow tone as he climaxed. The woman laughed, echoing across the expanse before a slap rang and she yelped in pain.

“Laugh again and I’ll slit you open” Victor growled with suppressed rage as he grabbed the woman and yanked her up to her feet. “When you go back to town, tell everyone just what you did to look like a dirty whore” he seethed and shoved her into the water. The woman was whimpering and her cheek was bruised and swelling quickly. He saw Victor walk over to her clothes and start shredding them apart, leaving the woman with no recourse but to hobble into a sprint down the shore before she ran out of James’ sight.

Once everything was quiet again, Victor called, “You can come out now, unless you’re finishing off or something.”

He took his time dressing and tucking himself back into his trousers while James fumed towards him. “Why did you do that?!” his younger brother growled.

Turning to look at him over his shoulder, the anger cooled from Victor’s expression as he responded, “The tramp laughed at me...because I came before she did.”

“You didn’t have to hit her for that!” Jimmy hollered, looking disappointed with him.

“Don’t tell me my business, Jimmy” he warned in his own growl as he turned to face him.

“I wouldn’t if you’d quit acting this way! That lady will probably tell them about us—!”

“So let her! I told you, I’m sick of cowering! If they want to end up mince meat why do you fucking care” he sneered at Jimmy, adding, “I love you Jimmy, but you need to grow the hell up or shit is going to get a lot tougher.”

The anger in Jimmy’s eyes flinted away as he turned and stalked back to get their bundles left behind the pines. Victor huffed, tension pulling around his eyes as he followed him and caught up to him as he struggled to carry both their bundles.

“Relax…we’ll go. Just know that I didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did” he spoke as he took his bundle from James, who simply nodded curtly and hiked in the direction they’d originally been heading.

James’ resentment burned away quickly, unable to stay mad at Victor, even when deep down he was worried about him. He slowed in his march, and Victor fell into step with him immediately.

“You scratched her.”

Looking at Jimmy, he lowered his gaze and shrugged. “Not on purpose. She made this noise and I just…it made me really hot and the next thing I know I came” he paused before quickly adding, “but with more sex I’ll get better. It felt really good, Jimmy.”

He grunted, his mind distracted by his own brooding worries that Victor really was becoming someone else. They walked in silence for miles, deciding to make the trek all night to avoid any trouble. Ironically, they both knew trouble was always close on their heels, and that it was only a matter of time before they’ve have to take a stand.


The pain had been worse than when the bowie knife was shoved into his belly and twisted for good measure. He’d grabbed his stomach and howled, falling to his knees when he shoved the guy away as his head swam and his gaze blurred from the pain. He’d seen and heard Victor; his feral roar had been followed by screams and shouts of pain as he attacked the posse of thugs in the saloon.

Trying to stand, James felt the blood gush past his fingers, but he still gasped for Victor to stop. He stumbled over a barstool and held onto a table for support as men went flying through the parlor window and another screamed as Victor slashed his throat out with his extended claws. Blood shot against Victor’s face and chest, but he continued to tear the man apart before he fell dead to the ground. James dully realized it was the bastard who had stabbed him that was now a pile of bloodied remains on the floor.

“Jimmy!” the shout held so much emotion that James was actually startled it was coming from Victor.

Rushing to him, he grabbed Jimmy and rushed him out after he threw his arm over his own shoulders and hoisted him up. The rest had been a blur, but all James knew was that they were back in the cave they were hiding out in, and Victor was even more wounded than him. The fever was back, and James felt like he was dying. The fire in his belly paled in comparison to the excruciating churning and twisting under his skin, leaving him bed-ridden and ashen in complexion as he shivered under the blankets.

When he’d been stabbed, Victor had gotten them out of town and back to their hide out in the mountains. He’d bandaged Jimmy up and had felt like his fury would shatter him. His brother looked broken…he wasn’t healing. They’d suffered many injuries, some worse than others, and he’d watched as Jimmy’s body would patch itself up as if the injury had been a mirage all along. He healed too, but nothing like Jimmy. What would take Victor a day or two to recover only took his brother moments. Now, he would dress his wound and it was still there, and Jimmy had quickly descended back into poor health like when he was younger.

It had been a bitch to go back into the town for medical provisions. He knew he had a bull’s eye on his back after the last incident, but he genuinely meant to go in, get what he needed, and leave. The idea of Jimmy being alone in his condition for too long made a knot form in is gut, and with the likelihood that the lawmen would be out looking for him and Jimmy, he knew he had to be quick. He had stalked straight over to the town’s emporium and had kept his eyes focused on his surroundings. Some of the people that saw him stopped and watched as he walked, others ran to get out of his path. He could smell their fear, and instead of being scared himself he felt an onerous impulse to smile and do something to make more fear pump into their stupid brains.

The emporium was empty save for the clerk behind the counter, who was just as startled to see him as everyone else on the street. Victor had dropped the money he’d dug out of his pocket on the counter and made his demand for supplies. To his credit, the clerk was efficient enough to quickly gather the things up regardless of how scared he was of Victor. He smiled condescendingly at the man as he grabbed the things he’d bought, his nails gouging the countertop as he did so.

Walking back out to the street, Victor scented the air and could smell hints of gun oil. He turned to glare down the street, and saw several men on horseback armed with shotguns who idly watched him.

“Where’s that brother of yours, boy” one man groused as he spat a wad of tobacco to the ground and wiped his mouth with the back of his gloved hand.

“Dead, now if you’ll excuse me” Victor ground out and turned to walk away when a shot tore into the back of his shoulder. He shouted at the pain but was soon overtaken by a roar of anger as he jerked himself up and started running away. The men gave chase, but even with the wound to his shoulder Victor out ran them, managing not to drop even one provision. The hike up the mountain had been a bit more grueling, since he’d sensed he lost a lot of blood and his first gun wound would put him out of commission for a while.

He’d staggered into the cave, panting from the pain searing into the back of his shoulder. Jimmy had been so out of it from the fever that he didn’t even notice the smell of blood. Victor had gone about starting a fire and heating some soup out of a can for Jimmy while he took his bloody vest and shirt off. His shoulder ached, but for the most part the searing pain of the wound itself was the worst. He couldn’t even dig the fucking bullet out because it was directly behind his shoulder, only millimeters from his left shoulder blade.

After forcing Jimmy to eat, Victor had redressed his wound and was dismayed to find it still wasn’t showing any signs of healing. He submerged his fear when the possibility of Jimmy not making it hit him like a ton of bricks. It was maddening how helpless he felt, watching his brother lay there sicker than when he’d been that scared kid bundled up in a bed all the time.

“Victor…it hurts” James suddenly hissed and twisted from a sudden jolt of pain. Holding him down so he wouldn’t tear his wound even more open, Victor shushed for James to calm down and told him to bear down on the pain until it passed. When he did, his face relaxed and his feverish eyes stared at him. “It feels like I’ve been injected with liquid fire…what’s happening to me?” his voice rasped harshly.

“I don’t know” he responded, his expression tense and his mouth etched with worry. “I brought some medicine. It’s supposed to help lower your fever. I gotta refill the canteen so you can take it” he stated and stood from his crouch, wincing from the pain that shot through him from the action.

Before he grabbed the canteen, James rasped, “Victor? Why is there blood running down your back?”

“That’s nothing, runt. Just stay still and conserve your energy while I get back” he responded reticently as he grabbed the canteen and made his way to the stream.

While he filled the canteen, Victor stared at his distorted reflection in the water’s surface. He hadn’t protected Jimmy. Because of him, those assholes had circled around Jimmy and tried strong arming him out of the saloon. When Jimmy resisted, the bastard trying to collect his bounty had shoved a knife into his brother’s stomach. Victor had meant to toy with the men. He was going to let them take them out of the saloon and once they were out of town he was going to kill them. It had been months since they saw the first wanted poster, and now this had been the first time anyone had been fucking lucky to stumble upon them in a public place. The last bounty hunters earned themselves a shallow grave at the bottom of a mountain in Minnesota, so he figured he’d let them lead him and Jimmy out of the city limits before killing them and moving on. He never thought they were out to kill them and collect the bounty. It was his ignorance that got Jimmy hurt, and in a flash his rage had thrashed to the surface and laid waste to the posse and anyone else in his way to get to Jimmy.

He set his jaw and cursed at himself. Capping the canteen, he tentatively reached to feel the back of his shoulder, wincing. Then, he realized with astonishment that against his fingers he felt the butt of a bullet from a revolver begin to push out of the wound before he easily pulled it out with the tips of his fingers. Amazed, Victor held the bullet up between his fingers and concentrated on the feeling of the wound mending shut. He couldn’t believe it…could he survive a gunshot wound to the chest? Could this mean that his healing abilities made him virtually immune?

A scream echoed from behind him, sending Victor to sprint back to the cave. Rushing towards Jimmy, he was shocked to see him curled against his side and holding himself, as if he was being torn apart with pain. When he tried to help him, Jimmy lunged at him, his bone claws extending from his knuckles and managing to nick him in the chest before he dodged the flurry as James thrashed wildly. Then, James fell to his side and convulsed before he calmed and panted raggedly.

Kneeling, Victor grabbed James and held him against him. “Jimmy?”

“…It’s passed...I think I went through it” James managed to voice as his voice cracked, sounding deeper now.

Puzzled, it took Victor a few moments to realize what Jimmy was saying. “The change?”

Nodding weakly against his shoulder, James tried to sit up without Victor’s help. He pulled himself slowly to his feet, and tentatively pressed his fingers over the bandaged wound before tugging the dressings off his abdomen. Victor gasped when he saw how Jimmy’s wound had vanished, not even leaving so much as scar. His hand brushed over Jimmy’s stomach as if to verify he was truly healed.

James flinched from the touch before looking up into Victor’s blue eyes with incredulous wonder. “I feel so different” he spoke again, as if trying out his new voice and acute hearing. He inhaled, smelling everything with a renewed vigor. “Is this what it was like…?”

Clamping his hand on Jimmy’s shoulder, Victor smiled genuinely at his brother. “That and so much more” he murmured before pulling James against him into a firm hug. “You scared the hell out of me, Jimmy” the gruff admittance was spoken against his temple before Victor nuzzled his hairline affectionately.

Hugging Victor back, he buried his nose against his sweaty skin before sighing. “Why were you bleeding?”

“Someone used me for target practice” he sardonically mused as he broke the hug and showed Jimmy the bullet. His brother’s eyes grew wide with shock. “Seems we might be bulletproof, but I wouldn’t recommend we make a habit of getting shot. It hurts like a bitch” he told Jimmy with amusement in his tone, shaking his brother playfully by the shoulder before he turned towards the mouth of the cave. “Smell that?”

Sniffing, Jimmy nodded, “A rainstorm is coming”

“We better pack up and go. I don’t know how long it will take the lawmen to track us, and the rain will help wash away our trail” Victor stated as he went to get his few measly belongings together.

“Victor” he turned and looked over his shoulder at Jimmy. “I’m sorry for giving you a hard time…” he said and crouched next to his older brother. “You’re my brother, and I trust you…I just want you to always know that” he murmured before hugging Victor suddenly.

Taken aback, Victor returned the hug. “I know that already, runt. No need to get all sentimental on me” he teased before shoving Jimmy away playfully, a small smile fighting to become a grin as he grabbed the back of Jimmy’s head and planted a kiss on his forehead. “Now get your things and let’s get moving.”

Smirking, James did as he was told, and they were soon making their way down the mountain and through the woods as rain and fog made them vanish like ghosts, never to be tracked by another bounty hunter again.


The urges had started very quickly after he’d gone through the change. He didn’t know if it was because he felt freer with himself than he ever had, or because every one of his senses seemed to be attuned to the pleasures around him. The first time he’d run through the night nude, James had basked in the glow of the moon and relished in the scents and sounds of the nighttime. The only part of him that was still self-conscious was in his bashfulness around his brother.

Victor flaunted his urges, owning them with cocky pride and letting everyone around him know he wasn’t chained by any sense of propriety. The older he got, the more his sensuality seemed to leak out in the swagger of his gait and in the expressions he made, unconsciously or not.

The sharp contrast between him and his brother was in part what made James resist going wild while he was around Victor. That’s why he was laying in the cool grass, the mist of the night air collecting on his skin and dampening the rough dark hairs of his body, far away from where he and his brother were camped for the night. The urges had made him antsy most of the day, making it a miracle Victor hadn’t noticed.

He’d snuck away after Victor had passed out by the fire, feeling like an animal in a rut for how badly he needed to go wild. So far, stroking himself into a desperate climax hadn’t done much to quench the urge, so he was finding it harder and harder to sneak away and quell his desire for more than a couple of nights.

Arching against the ground, James groaned when his hand pumped him close to the edge of climax. He bit down on his lip and submerged his cry as he finally came, the tremors lulling him into sated bliss. His cum-slick fingers lazily drew circles along his abdomen as he relaxed, dimly stopping once he realized what he was doing. Gritting his jaw, he silently cursed the mess he made, annoyed that he let himself get so intoxicated by the sensations. Sitting up, he angrily wiped his stomach as clean as he could before rubbing his hands on the grass.

Once he collected his muddled thoughts, James went about dressing and heading back to camp. By the time he made it to the little clearing, Victor was sprawled on his side, his breathing soft. The fire was low, so James tossed some scraps of kindling before crawling next to his brother on the collection of blankets. Resting on his back, Jimmy sighed the breath he’d been holding and closed his eyes. Victor turned over in his sleep and exhaled slow through his nose.

“You smell like sin” Victor suddenly murmured, his voice gruff from the hours of disuse. Jimmy flinched slightly, and glanced over at him. Victor’s eyes were half lidded, but the amusement was already dancing across his boyish lips.

“Victor…” he softly growled, trying not to look as embarrassed as he felt. “How long have you been awake?”

“Long enough” he offered before shuffling closer to Jimmy and propping himself up onto his elbow. “Is there some reason you need to stalk so far away from me just to get yourself off?”

“When did you—?”

“Jimmy, I can smell you a mile away. I can surely taste the urge in your scent when you’re standing right next to me” he grumbled with a slight smirk. “It’s about time, though” he added with a bored tone as he yawned.

“Just because I’m not as uninhibited as you doesn’t mean you can tease me all the time” he scowled and turned away in a huff.

“Whatever you say, Jimmy” Victor drawled before shifting onto his back.

The crackle of the fire was the only sound between them, but James couldn’t sleep. He was still riled up, and having Victor tell him what a joke he’s been, running around in the woods to hide his baser urges from his brother who was nothing but encouraging of them, was winding him up. Shifting, James couldn’t ignore the pulse of his cock through his trousers. He was so horny it was driving him insane. A sudden scent flared his nostrils, making his skin grow hot from the electricity in his sexually charged body.

He rolled over intending to glower at Victor, but found himself watching as his older brother rubbed himself through his trousers. The firelight was dim, but the glow illuminated them enough for James to see Victor’s clawed fingers begin to work the fastening of his pants. As he reached in and pulled out his engorged erection, Victor gave James a sidelong glance and licked his lips.

“You smelling so dirty made me hot” Victor murmured in a husky tone as he began to stroke himself. His crystalline eyes connected with Jimmy’s brown depths, and he could see them darken with arousal.

James dully realized one hand was fisting the blanket under him while the other had wandered to the crotch of his own trousers. Hesitating, he looked away from Victor as a blush heated his face. He tried to reason that he was hesitating because he was confused or because he didn’t want things to change between him and his brother, but deep down he knew the only reason he was holding back was because of the old code. The moral code he’d learned implicitly and explicitly from the society he’d swore off of. Victor wasn’t only his brother, and their lives were uniquely their own to dictate…

Pressing his lips together, James shuffled closer to Victor as he unfastened his pants and shoved his hand inside. Victor watched him, a smile showing off his wicked canines as he and his brother began bonding in the most intimate way to date. Jimmy was watching him, his gaze getting heavy with lust as he panted and stroked himself.

Soon they were both climaxing next to each other, watching each other’s faces as they lit up with pleasure and smelling the change in chemistry their bodies were pumping into their scents. Humming in sated pleasure, Victor rolled closer to James before nuzzling his neck. Jimmy returned the affection by curling against him and trailing his fingers in the mess Victor had made over his stomach.

“Christ Jimmy” Victor breathed against his sweaty skin before licking just under his jaw. “I want to taste you” he murmured deeply before pulling away to watch Jimmy’s expression.

A flicker of curiosity flashed in Jimmy’s eyes and before Victor knew it his younger brother was pressing two of his semen coated fingers against his lips. Taken aback for a moment, Victor watched James with interest as he licked his fingers. His taste danced on his tongue, making him shiver from how heady and new it was. Despite himself, he hummed as he sucked on the fingers briefly before bringing his own clawed digits to Jimmy’s mouth. Without hesitation Jimmy tasted his fingers, gingerly licking even the tips of his sharp nails before he closed his eyes and shivered.

Beyond electrified, they curled against each other and began murmuring to each other, talking in confidence about the naughtiest things their desires made them think about and lust over. The final wall was falling away between them, leaving two brothers who could share more than a brotherhood, but also indoctrinate each other through their urges.

“Shit” James swore, snapping Victor’s dozing gaze back to awareness as he grunted. “I haven’t even done anything…with a girl” he said as if that was a problem.

Chuckling at him, Victor mused, “Well we could fix that in the next place we pass through, if you want.”

Snickering, James responded, “You won’t be satisfied until I pop my cherry, huh.”

“That isn’t true” Victor groused playfully. “I’m content with this” he sauntered before leaning in and kissing Jimmy on the lips. He felt Jimmy stiffen before he relaxed bemusedly. Leaning back, Victor rubbed his beardless jaw before snickering, “Being your first kiss, and as your first, I gotta tell you” he drawled as he lowered his voice to a whisper, “you need a shitload of practice, runt.”

A bit frazzled, James stared at his brother before he went to work fastening his trousers back up. Victor pouted, thinking James was retreating back into the bashful shell he seemed dead set to hang on to when Jimmy proved him wrong. Grabbing his brother by the dusty collar of his rumpled shirt, James kissed him with determination, even lingering in the kiss when Victor’s lips parted and his tongue licked his lips. Opening his own mouth, he tentatively brushed his tongue against Victor’s before they pulled away and laughed at how weird it felt.

“You’re not that experienced either, bub” he mused at Victor before letting go of his collar and smirking cockily at him for successfully getting one over on him finally.

“Bub?” Victor laughed with a spirited edge as he forced his smile into a sneer. “Fine we both need practice, but you need to be more uninhibited or you’ll end up drooling all over some girl’s dress, runt” he gruffly ribbed before shoving Jimmy and flopping onto his side.

Grunting, James curled against Victor’s back, his arms looping around him in affection, like he used to when they were much younger. Smirking despite himself, Victor squeezed his arm with his before they both settled against each other and dozed off while the fire began to die out.
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