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The Nature of Brotherhood- End

Title: The Nature of Brotherhood Part 1 Part 2
Author: Me! Sofia
Rating: NC-17 kiddies!
Pairing and setting: Victor/Logan Origins movieverse the early years
Disclaimer: I do not own anything or anyone from the Marvel Universe or the X-Men movieverse. Incest, violence, sexual situations, and hormones lol
Summary: They made a pact to trust their natures and protect their brotherhood, and they'ved stood by each other since that first night. Shows how they survived and matured through the adversity of their early years on the run.
A/N: This is my first Victor/Logan fic. Thanks to those who encouraged me to write this and for all the great inspiration. and were key in my vision, so I hope they are for you guys too as you read.

James ran through the trees, his bloodstream laced with adrenaline and a predator’s instinct. His game tried desperately to evade him but he was so close that all he needed was a clearing so he could pounce and sink his bone claws into it.

He could sense Victor running parallel to him, letting Jimmy be the hunter this time so he could enjoy the chase. His opportunity occurred and instinct told him to act and launch himself at the animal before it skittered back into the trees. Before he and the beast crashed against the ground, James had sunk his claws into the elk and driven it down. He ended the animal’s suffering by slashing its throat and letting it bleed out. There was no hesitation in his movements or in his expression, only concentration and satisfaction in the kill.

“Fine kill, runt” Victor congratulated ruggedly, crouching down next to Jimmy and sniffing his brother. “Don’t you smell accomplished” he mused before wiping some gore from the elk off of his little brother’s cheek with a curled knuckle and savoring it with his tongue.

“Easy to tease when I did all the work” James countered with his own taunt before he retracted his claws into his knuckles. “At least carry this back and we’ll call it even.”

Snorting, Victor hefted the elk up effortlessly and flung it over his shoulders. “S’alright with me, since you’ll be the one skinning and cleaning it for supper” he said and led the way back to the abandoned cabin they had commandeered a few months back.

Life had been oddly tranquil for the feral brothers since their last run in with trouble, and both relished in the tranquility. They figured with the amount of distance they had put between them and the Pacific northwest they could afford to sigh in relief and work on a truly fresh start.

Victor worked on stoking the fire in the hearth while Jimmy worked on cleaning the elk meat outside by the lake a few yards down through the tall wheat-colored grass. Once he got it going, he stripped off his dingy and stained undershirt and got free of his boots before walking through the grass and down to the lake. He came upon the rack stacked with elk meat before he spotted Jimmy skinny dipping in the lake. Smirking, Victor began to undress by the shore, leaving his clothes in a heap as he rushed into the water.

Tossing his wet hair out of his eyes, James turned in the direction where he heard a splash. All he saw was the shoreline, but he could smell Victor’s stray sent from his clothes left in the sand. Then he was suddenly tugged under the surface by his ankles.

Bursting to the surface with a laugh, Victor splashed Jimmy in the face when he came sputtering up for air. Glowering at his laughing brother, James splashed him back in the face, water going into his brother’s mouth as he gagged and spat the water out.

“Very mature” he groused at Victor as he swam towards the shore.

Racing behind him, Victor pounced on top of him in the water and forced him to wrestle free. “Says the punk who left supper to bake in the sun” he said and shoved Jimmy back into the water as he walked towards the shore.

James rose from the shallow end, tossing his hair out of his face and watching his older brother emerge nude into the late afternoon sun. His dark unkempt hair was slicked back from the venture into the water, his body muscular and virile. James had seen Victor naked hundreds of times, but he still stared at his brother, absently reminded of how puberty had sculpted him from the young pale boy he once was into the tan and very rugged man he was now, staring inquisitively back at him.

He walked out of the water and sprawled out in the grass, ignoring Victor’s mocking gaze as he layed out next to him. Stretching lazily, Victor scratched his stomach idly as he glanced sideways at Jimmy. “You think too much” he mused as he exhaled through his nose and stretched out to be on his side.

“As opposed to not thinking at all” he quipped back.

Grunting, Victor brushed the stray wisps of hair off his brother’s forehead as he groused, “I told you I’d try my best. At least wait until I muck things up before you start sulking.”

“What if the wanted poster made it out this far” James worried, his brown eyes staring off into space.

It was a valid question. Weighing the what ifs in his own mind, Victor knew there wasn’t much they could do if they were wanted men. But then that was the thing, they weren’t wanted men, but wanted teenagers.

“Why are you smiling like that” James wearily eyed his brother, as he sat up with a devilish glint in his eyes.

“Little brother, you’re going to shave that juvenile peach fuzz off and let your big brother man you up a bit more” he answered, the ‘I-know-something-you-don’t’ tone and expression making Victor even more cocky than usual.

“If you’re going to take me to another bordello like you did in Illinois, no thanks” James sat up and frowned.

Rolling his eyes, Victor stood and loomed over his brother, the sun directly behind his head and blocking its rays as he hauled Jimmy up. “We need to alter our appearances” he explained as he headed for his clothes. “We cut our hair, maybe stop shaving and we’ll look much different. No one’s come looking for us in a long while, so I’m sure if the posters are still circulating no one will pay it any mind if we look different to begin with” he talked it through as he yanked his trousers back up and fastened them halfway so they could hang over his hips.

As he also got dressed, James mulled over Victor’s idea and found it to make a lot of sense. “That’s all and well, but what if—”

“I’ll handle the ‘what ifs’, ok? Just bring the meat back to the cabin while I go up into the crawl space. I’m going to see if I can find what we’ll need” he instructed while he walked back up through the grass.

Rolling his eyes, Jimmy did as he was told. As he cooked the meat over the hearth, he heard Victor up in the crawlspace just above the table. They’d found the cabin by sniffing out the lake first. It was an old structure, circa the first migration out west. It was sturdy enough, and kept most of the rain out, so they figured they’d squat there for a while. The house was really just a room, with a rickety table, a few chairs, and an old cot that had collapsed under Victor’s weight the first time he sat on it. They made due by fashioning a makeshift bed out of their trusty blankets and whatever garments were left behind by the former inhabitants.

Climbing down from the crawlspace, Victor landed in a crouch with a few things bundled by his arms. “This stuff will make due” he said more to himself than to Jimmy as he walked over and set them down on the table. He found a basket with some needle and black thread, a streaky piece of mirror, and some very old and blunt scissors.

“Mess with that later. Food’s ready” James muttered to him as he brought the elk meat from the hearth and set it down. Sitting down, James dug into the meat with his hands and teeth while Victor sat down to do quickly the same. They shared the water out of a canteen as they ate in silence.

Victor eyed Jimmy with a mouthful, his hair falling into his eyes before he could toss it back. “I think we should go really short” he said before he took another bite.

“What?” Jimmy came out of his musings and stared at Victor.

“Your hair” he said simply before taking the canteen from James. “It’s got knots in it and we need to blend in if you want to pass for…normal” he remarked, biting down on the last word like it left a sour taste on his tongue.

Eyeing Victor, he nodded and added comically, “I want my hair cut, but I don’t trust you to do it.”

Raising a brow, Victor wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Oh I’m sorry Lord Howlett, I’ll run and fetch the barber right away” he berated harsher than he’d intended as he wiped his hands on his trousers and stood to pace in front of the fireplace.

Victor’s words stung him. Hearing his surname after so many years sent a pang through him that jogged dark memories to the surface of his mind. “I only meant—”

“I don’t care what you meant” Victor snapped in, glowering into the fire with his back to Jimmy. “Do whatever you want, but I want you to cut mine. All of it” he grumbled tersely as he turned to glare at his brother.

Staring, James nodded stiffly as he stood and cleaned his hands on his thighs before picking up the scissors. Grabbing their hunting knife, he began sharpening the blades of the scissors while Victor grabbed a chair and dragged it out so he could drop into it, still slightly aggravated. Lately everything he said earned him a series of questions and his patience was wearing thin. He’d agreed to attempt going back into mainstream society at least peripherally, what more did Jimmy want?! No matter what there was always this thread of resistance that held Jimmy back from him, and it pissed Victor off to no end. Here he was compromising a bit of his freedom to parade around like any other bastard, just so he and his brother could settle down a bit after years of wandering. Truthfully, Victor loved wandering, loved the spontaneity and danger, the wilderness and being Jimmy’s only pillar. How far backwards did he have to bend for Jimmy to be satisfied?

Stabbing the knife into the table top, James came up behind Victor and ran his fingers back through the length of his hair. “Are you sure?” he asked, gesturing by lifting a few strands between his fingers.

Victor grabbed the piece of mirror and wiped at it so he could look at Jimmy’s reflection as he stood behind him. “All of it” he repeated sternly, and exhaled loudly through his nose.

James grabbed some hair and hacked through it with the old scissors, tossing the hair unto the floor before he continued. Victor’s eyes were flaring as he watched him cut his hair, the anger gone but something else reflecting itself in the light blue depths. He knew he’d trampled on Victor’s patience, but he didn’t know what to say or do to get him to cool again. So, he kept hacking at his hair, working to get it as short as possible. Before long, Victor’s hair was strewn in dark choppy piles all around the chair he sat in. Victor ran his strong finger through his short hair, trying to get used to the feeling. He stared at his reflection and at Jimmy who was mirrored behind him. The hair was so short that it was trying to curl up off his scalp in certain places. Some wispy strands tickled past the hairline along his temples, and his neck felt drafty from not having his hair to curtain it from the elements anymore.

He looked at Jimmy in the mirror and a small smile ghosted his lips. “This’ll do” he got up from the chair and absently kept running his hand through his short hair. Taking the scissors from Jimmy, he leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. “Sit. I’m going to fix this mess of yours” he made James plop down into the seat he just vacated.

James curled his fingers around the mirror and watched Victor begin to snip through the back of his hair where most of the knots were. As he did so, Victor would glance at him in the mirror. He knew Jimmy was expecting him to start hacking through it, but some selfish part of him liked Jimmy’s hair to stay long, so he could run his fingers through it and fist his hand in it when he brought him in for a kiss. Because of that, he figured he would give Jimmy a much needed trim. By the time he tossed the scissors onto the table, Jimmy’s hair was much more kept and manageable, surprising the younger man that he wasn’t sporting a similar style like he’d given Victor. When Jimmy turned to look up at him questioningly, Victor shrugged, “It suits you best, and I don’t want to look like a pair of brooding twins.”

Submerging a knowing smile, James stood up and patted Victor on the shoulder as he mused, “Sure, brother.”

Not prepared to let his mock slide, Victor rushed over and grabbed Jimmy by the back of the hair and pulled him against him roughly before devouring his mouth in his. James grabbed onto Victor and returned the kiss, knowing this was his brother’s way of saying ‘no hard feelings.’ The irony was that it took them getting hard for there to be no hard feelings.

Both brothers fought to strip the other one free of what was left of their clothes, rough housing onto their bed and laughing as they did so. Soon their laughing became grunts of frustration and groans of arousal as they ground against each other, fighting for dominance. Growing impatient, Victor forced James down onto his back and tugged his pants off so he could touch him and watch how his face tensed with pleasure.

Stroking his stiffening erection, Victor ground his own crotch against Jimmy’s hip as he licked along his jaw and nipped on his earlobe. His breath hitched as he thrust up into Victor’s hand and gripped onto his shoulders when he grabbed the back of Jimmy’s hair and kissed him hard. Their tongues even dueled for dominance as James forced Victor’s pants off so they could finally grind against their bare bodies, lust clouding his dark eyes while hunger glistened in Victor’s smoldering gaze.

Finally wrapping his calloused hand around Victor, they worked each other into frenzies, kissing and grabbing at each other to drive the other into stupefying climaxes. Before long, James was biting down on Victor’s neck as his brother stroked him into his orgasm. Victor quickly followed after Jimmy pressed against him and pumped his cock against the friction of his hand and his own stomach.

Left panting, sweaty, and sticky, the feral brothers lounged against each other contentedly as night stretched on outside and the fireplace kept them illuminated.

“We’ll have to change our names…at least our surnames” Victor broke the tranquility first, murmuring his statement against the top of Jimmy’s head.

Another pang shot through him. Shifting against Victor, James gazed into his brother’s eyes before nodding. It was a blow to see Jimmy look bewildered from the simple truth, but it was a matter of time before they’d get caught if they didn’t change names.

“Do you have anything in mind?” James said as he dropped his head back onto Victor’s shoulder.

“I was thinking of using my mother’s maiden name…Creed” he replied, inhaling the scent of Jimmy’s hair after grabbing one of the blankets and tossing it onto them.

James grunted before shifting away from Victor. “I need to think about mine for a while…”

Now it was Victor’s turn to grunt. “I was also thinking we don’t tell people we’re brothers. Maybe not right away anyway. It’s better to leave people to their own assumptions so we don’t have to do a lot of explaining” he offered as he propped himself onto his side and leaned on his elbow.

“Sounds like I haven’t been the only one worrying about this” was Jimmy’s response.

Throwing his arm around Jimmy’s waist and dragging the tips of his pointed claws up and down his abdomen, Victor rumbled into his ear, “The only thing I give a shit about is you, Jimmy. If you want a new life you have to cut ties with your past.”

After a few moments, James turned onto his back to face his brother. “I’ll come up with something” and with that he curled against his brother’s warm side.

Victor absently brushed his fingers through Jimmy’s hair as he felt him relax and doze off. He hadn’t been completely honest. Of course he cared about Jimmy and would do anything for him, which is how they had gotten to this point to begin with. But…Victor was a selfish man who loved his brother and wanted to keep him close. Jimmy was all he had, and he would be damned if anything split them apart, so when mainstreaming came up again, he relented quicker than his brother had expected him to, not because he wanted to make the attempt, but because he knew Jimmy was still transfixed by the world beyond their brotherhood. Victor figured it was better to go along and show Jimmy what he wasn’t missing so he wouldn’t lose him to resentment. He wasn’t sure how long this escapade into the mainstream would last, but knew as long as he stayed one step ahead of Jimmy he would be able to ensure that nothing separated them or broke their pact.

He fell asleep assured that he and Jimmy would succeed in executing a fresh start, but still plagued with the insecurities a man like him wasn’t afforded. Losing his pillar and the Loneliness he was terrified by.


The newspaper boy was shouting the news in the middle of the square all day, waving the newspaper around and caroling people over to buy the news and read for themselves.

James knew peripherally what was occurring, but he was too focused on making it in the city. He and Victor had managed to get a job at the railroad docking center, loading and unloading commercial cargo for transport all around the country. Working the long shifts together, the brothers stayed low key and mostly to themselves, only socializing with the other dockworkers during their short breaks and at the saloon a few blocks away after the workday was over. James did most of the socializing, while Victor remained reticent and intimidating.

They had settled into city life surprisingly well, thanks to their fresh start and new appearances. Victor looked years older with his short crop and his side burns cleanly kept from cheekbone to chin in the style of the time, while Jimmy’s hair brushed the back of his neck collar and fell neatly whenever he combed his fingers through it. His jaw was tickled with dark hair finer than Victor’s but in somewhat the same style. Their job afforded them room and board in one of the rooms on the second floor of the saloon and a few changes of clothes, with whatever remaining as an emergency fund incase they needed to disappear quickly.

Whenever Victor got his hands on his pay he’d give half to Jimmy and take the rest and Jimmy down to the more decent brothels in the city limits. That seemed to be the only time Victor unwound from his brooding sulk and was more sociable in public. Tonight was no different, as he laughed and grabbed the closest prostitute to sit her on his lap, taking a long swig of bourbon straight from the bottle while James snickered and watched him as he nursed his own glass of whiskey.

Victor loved to flirt, especially when he boxed a girl into corner with his charms. It always reminded James of a cat playing with a mouse just before it pounced and devoured. Toying with the girls and seeing how far he could push before one would slap him or drag him to the closest room was Victor’s favorite sport, and he played it well. James, on the other hand, played hard to get, which always earned him a few girls who’d drape themselves next to him as if he was the sweetest piece of candy. One redhead in particular was doing most of the flirting, while Jimmy politely smiled and glanced over at Victor.

The older man was caressing the prostitute in his lap with heavy hands as he whispered something in her ear, which got the supple-skinned brunette to laugh and slap his shoulder playfully. Arching a conspiring brow at Jimmy, Victor caressed his hand down the woman’s side and extended his claws slowly. His younger brother’s eyes flared, but he looked around and saw he’d been the only one to notice.

“I feel like moving to a more private room, girls. All of you are invited to join us” Victor smirked as the girl in his lap giggled and brushed her rouged lips against his cheek.

“Hah, last time I went with you to any room I got scolded by the madam, so I’ll pass” One of the blondes sitting close to Jimmy complained before she kissed his brother on the lips and sauntered out.

“Maybe we should call it a night, Victor” James offered before gulping the rest of his glass empty.

“You girls are no fun. Not one of you will keep me and Jimmy company?” Victor teased as he tipped the brunette’s chin so he could give her a searing stare. “I promise to be gentle” he muttered provocatively as he twirled one of her thick curls around his forefinger before letting it bounce free.

James frowned, not knowing if Victor’s ploy was a good idea. “I’ll accompany you, Jimmy” the redhead said naively, her bright eyes sultry and her creamy skin barely concealed by her tight corset and hiked up skirt. James smiled despite himself and caressed the woman’s cheek when she kissed him.

“See? You’re going to leave me to be a third wheel, sweetheart?” Victor mused against the girl’s lips before he kissed her. He knew he had her hooked when he pulled away and she followed his retreating lips.

“Oh, alright” she said playfully, “I can’t say no to a charmer like you.”

Standing up, Victor practically carried the giggling woman as he headed for the back parlor. “Coming Jimmy?” he purred over his shoulder, watching as his brother smiled reluctantly and stood, taking the redhead’s hand and following his brother’s lead.

The brothers rushed through the parlor and up the back steps to a vacant room, where once inside they made short work of the women’s dresses and of the urges that they’d been nursing all night. Victor tossed his partner onto the brass bed while James pulled his over to the loveseat in front of the bed. Before long Victor had his girl shouting like a mad woman, while James had his little minx arching over his lap. He loved to sit back and let the girl set the motion while he kept his hands draped over the back of the couch, his grunts deep and gruff as she rose and fell on his cock.

He’d popped his cherry a couple of months back after Victor had brought a prostitute back to their room. At first he’d been embarrassed and peeved with Victor, but when his brother had laughed and told him she was his birthday gift, he had reluctantly relented. The woman had been too pretty and young, but he’d found out how experienced she was once she was riding him expertly, while Victor sat in the corner to watching and jerking off shamelessly. The memory of Victor crawling onto bed with Jimmy after he’d paid the girl and sent her away made him hot. Victor had chuckled against his throat and they had spent the rest of the night naked together, just as they probably would once the girls were tired out and paid for their services.

James came first when his partner cried out mindlessly on top of him. He licked the valley between her breasts, tasting her before he eased her off his lap. She smiled against him after he paid her and kissed her lazily.

“If you want, we can go another round…I won’t charge you for it” the girl whispered as she cuddled him.

“Get out” Victor ordered suddenly, as he flipped his partner onto her stomach. He glanced sidelong at the redhead and sneered, “He’s finished with you, so get the hell out.”

“Hey don’t talk to her like that” the brunette argued and turned to glower at Victor.

Victor snaked his hand lightly around the brunette’s throat as he gave Jimmy a musing look. “If you want to get paid I suggest you mind your business” he growled, emphasizing his point by tightening his grip slightly around her neck.

Her eyes flashed with fear, and Victor smirked depravedly. “Stop it Victor!” the warning snarl made him glare back at Jimmy. He watched his brother stand and lead his partner to the door, the frazzled young girl collecting her clothes as they went. “You were great…don’t mind him” he heard Jimmy tell the woman in the hall before closing the door and turning to glare at Victor.

Grinning condescendingly, Victor turned back to his partner and he snickered loudly. “I guess I can’t be gentle no matter how hard I try, huh” he patronizingly joked before grabbing the brunette and forcing her into a kiss. The woman seemed to be recoiling, but let him have his way for the sake of getting paid. James watched Victor roughly position the girl onto her hands and knees before he thrust back into her, his momentum forcing the girl onto her forearms as she bared her hips back against him. “Well don’t just stand there, runt” Victor husked gruffly over at James, panting as he fucked the girl harder than before.

Victor’s invite made his cock hard all over again, leaving Jimmy to watch his brother pound into the girl for short moments before crawling onto the bed and joining in. Smirking with arousal, Victor grabbed Jimmy by the back of his hair and kissed him hard as the prostitute wisely went with the flow by sucking on the younger man while the rougher man fucked her.

Their first threesome had left them sated and intrigued, while the prostitute hobbled out of the room with her money and shame. James was sprawled on the bed while Victor stretched out like a big game cat next to him. “Not bad, huh little brother” he purred as he lounged contentedly and trailed his nails up and down his abdomen.

“You didn’t have to be so rough with them” Jimmy muttered stubbornly as he lulled his head to the side so he could give Victor a stern look.

“And you don’t have to be so accommodating” he grumbled tersely, “They’re whores, not schoolmarms for Christ sake.”

“Still…you’re going to get us kicked out if you keep roughing up the girls” he mumbled and rolled onto his side so he could drag his fingers through Victor’s chest hair.

“Pff, if that was the case we wouldn’t have been let in tonight” Victor mused, “last time I was here I left bruises on that blonde downstairs. Seems she’s too delicate to get nailed against the wall” he joked and chuckled at Jimmy’s haughty glare.

“Then we better get dressed and head out” was James’ scoff as he sat up and crawled over Victor to get to his clothes on the floor.

Victor took his time getting up, stretching and scratching his shoulder as he walked around picking up his clothes. “How about we get a bottle of whiskey on the way back? I feel like kicking back a bit more” he offered over his shoulder as he pulled on his trousers.

James was buttoning his shirt up and shaking his head with a hint of amusement. “You mean you want to get drunk and fool around” he remarked sardonically before glancing up at Victor.

“Like I said, we could get some whiskey on the way back” was all Victor said in response as he bit back a greedy smile and worked his own shirt on.

Before long they were walking down the wet cobblestones to the saloon, a bottle of Kentucky whiskey under Victor’s arm and Jimmy keeping in step with him the whole way back to the room. Once the door shut behind them, they shed out of their clothes crashed down on the large bed they slept on, swigging straight from the bottle and passing it between each other as they let the hot whiskey warm their throats.

Usually Victor would have initiated something by then, but he was content with having Jimmy warm and relaxed at his side, so he simply passed the bottle over and closed his eyes as Jimmy placed the bottle on the table next to the bed and rolled over to press against Victor.

They would never admit it out loud, but they were both waiting for the other shoe to drop. It had been so long since they had been forced to travel that they were getting antsy for it. The irony of course was that they didn’t need to uproot themselves, but with the state of the union, they figured something would have them trekking through the wilderness soon enough. Regardless, they were prepared for anything, as long as they had each other.


As troop movement began to escalate, the railway system suffered a lot of set backs, forcing massive layoffs that left many dockworkers angry and scrounging for work. A lot of resentment and anti-Lincoln sentiment was making the city a hot bed for riots, and once talk of a draft started, people went really nuts.

Victor and Jimmy had ditched their jobs just as things were getting heated, figuring they had worn out their stay and it was time to move on. Work was hard to come by now, so they ended up like thousands of other able bodied men who migrated to the East coast in search of work only to run headfirst into the Union’s recruitment points.

Recruiters made grand promises, desperate to enlist anyone they could get and willing to cut corners to do so. It had taken Victor a lot of convincing to get Jimmy to consider joining the Union army. He’d stood in front of the stage to hear the recruiter talk of defending the Union and of combating tyranny, but the only thing Victor paid any mind to were the promises of a steady paycheck and food rations, not to mention the opportunity to travel the country. Of course he told Jimmy as much, but didn’t mention that the idea of killing for a living held an intriguing appeal to him. He knew Jimmy was reluctant to join for a lot of reasons, one of which would be the war itself. They had experienced hardship and had fought to survive, but he didn’t think getting involved in an ideological war made sense. People starved and died already without the war, so why the hell would anyone make it worse?

“This is an opportunity that I don’t want to pass up, Jimmy” Victor rumbled over to Jimmy as he traced the rim of his glass with the tip of his claw. He watched as his brother’s gaze focused on him again before giving him a stern expression. “If we enlist we’ll get perks that we won’t get once the draft is passed” he proposed, adding, “and joining up will help us create a real life on paper. Those recruiters will stamp forms with our names on them, turning us from ghosts to men with backgrounds and legitimacy. It’ll make our lives a hell of a lot easier…”

James sighed. He knew Victor was right and was thinking of the best for them both, but he still had real reservations about fighting and killing others over politics. Not to mention having to assimilate into the ranks and hide their abilities from others in such close proximity. Raising his own glass to his lips, he drained its contents before leaning over towards his brother. “How are we supposed to hide in plain sight, Victor? We’ve done pretty well so far, but in war there’s nowhere to hide” he rationalized before dropping the glass down next to Victor’s. “And what if we get separated” he mused under his breath, but Victor heard him regardless.

“If we enlist voluntarily we can stipulate that we’re put in the same regiment. I mean what the hell would they care? They’ll get two more onto their list and we’ll be by each other’s side” Victor remarked and squeezed Jimmy’s shoulder reassuringly. “If they won’t let us, then we’ll walk away. I just think this is a smart move…better than trekking into New England with the rest” he paused. “It’s either this or nothing…and I’m willing to take the chance on assimilating into the army if you are” he stated, his blue eyes sharp as he and Jimmy silently regarded each other.

“Okay, Victor. If you think it’s the smartest bet, we’ll do it” James finally stated with confidence, his brown eyes hiding a smile as he took Victor’s glass and finished it off. Victor submerged the smirk that ghosted his boyish lips before shaking Jimmy’s shoulder playfully.

Before long, they were waiting in line, side by side, to talk to a recruiter and sign their aliases on the list. Victor signed first before passing the pen to Jimmy. Once their signatures were down, the recruiter smiled from ear to ear and shook their hands, pretending to not notice Victor’s pointed nails, and giving them both a regal nod.

“Privates Creed and Logan, welcome aboard! You boys are doing your country a service. The Union army is proud to have you both” the recruiter stated with a twang in his tone before pointing them in the direction of the barracks and uniform station.

As they followed the other volunteers, Victor nudged Jimmy’s shoulder. “Logan?”

Repressing a smirk, Jimmy nodded, “James Logan. Pretty crafty, huh.”

“Whatever suits you, runt. I’m still going to call you Jimmy” he joked with a snarky look in his eyes but a smirk tugging his lips, surprised by how much pride swelled in his chest that Jimmy was using their father’s name.

“Fine by me, bub” he countered and elbowed his brother as they stood in line to pick up their Union-issued uniforms.

By day’s end, they were cozying up by a big fire with other new recruits, overhearing chatter about where they’d be stationed and listening in on the nightlife of the camp. Victor nudged Jimmy out of his reverie, pulling his brown eyes from the fire to instead gaze into Victor’s flashing blue eyes. “Quit worrying. Most of these punks are too busy thinking of their own hide to notice you and me” he muttered against his ear, his nose brushing the hair fanning against his temple before he pulled away.

“They’ll notice soon enough if you keep giving them something to take in” he grumbled back and shoved him with his shoulder.

“Aw, you’re going to get shy now Jimmy?” he teased and snatched a flask from the closest recruit who was too sloshed to notice. He took a long drink before passing it to Jimmy. “I’m sure it won’t last long once we bunk in the tent for the night” he countered cockily, raising a mocking brow at his brother when James huffed and shook his head.

“Keep talking, Private Creed” he teased back as he took a long swig from the flask.

They spent the rest of the night laughing and actually socializing with some of the other recruits, feeling a sense of camaraderie they’d never experienced with anyone else other than each other. High spirits permeated the air as they all shared their hopes and bravado for the battles that lay ahead of them, not able to imagine the true horrors war would show them soon enough.

The End. Hope you guys enjoyed my little take on their childhoods after they ran away!
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