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...and i helped!

okay, i went back into the depth of the community and fixed the tags. i think i got them all but, you never know. i have the community set up so members can fix and add new tags to any post. so, if you see a post that isn't tagged or you notice that it needs additional tags fix them, if the mood strikes you.

how do i do that, you may ask. here's how.

all i ask is that image post be tagged 'images' and have the names of them people in them (ex: use Wolverine, not Logan). no need to tag Sabretooth. i mean, that's why were here...right?

fics should be marked 'fanfic' and authors can put the title and their user names in if they like.

here's our tag list so far if you want to poke around it:
Tags: mod post
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