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Disclaimer #1: This is a fandom community only. The maintainer, moderators and members do not condone any illegal acts that may or may not happen to be listed in the interests. Sabretooth is a fictional character. He and his actions are not real. Please don’t suspend us.

~For the protection of our members, some of the communities post are friends locked. To see all posts, you must join the community, not just watch it.~

Welcome to sabretooth_fans

This is an open forum to discuss, post pictures, etc, etc, of Victor Creed aka Sabretooth.

The rules are simple:

Large pictures under a cut, please.

Extra long posts or fan fic, under a cut. Fan fics must have the rating outside the lj cut. The only exception to this rule is ficlets (fics under 250 words or so) do not have to be under a cut.

Only post fanfic once a day. You may be excited to post your epic work but no body wants their f-list mucked up with 5 posts from the same story. If you post fanfic more often that once a day your posts will be deleted. No exceptions.

Any community promos must be approved.

All RPG promos must be under a cut.

NO SALES POSTS! There are many, many, many selling communities on lj. This is not one of them.

**A note on fanfic**
Most, if not all of the fanfic here contains graphic violence and all around smutty situations. We are talking about Sabretooth here, after all. All fanfics are rated, mostly R and NC-17. Take the time to read the ratings before you click the cut.

If you chose to ignore these warnings and your sensibilities are offended, don’t email me about it. You’ll just get back a ‘ it’s Sabretooth, what did you expect.’ from me. You’ve been warned.

Also, slash is welcome and appreciated. ;-)


We have two weekly challenges/games. Tuesday Fic Challenge and Thursday Caption Challenge. All are welcome to participate.

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Disclaimer #2: Mr. Creed and all his images belong to the mighty Marvel and no one else. I’m just a squeeing fangirl who happens to direct her comic book lust towards him.